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Liebert 80-eXL from 160 to 500 kW

Liebert 80-eXL from 160 to 500 kW

Liebert 80-eXL, the new generation of 80-NET UPS, delivers secure power and maximized
energy saving to medium-large data centers.

The new Liebert 80-eXLis a monolithic product that features a transformer-free design with a full IGBT three-level topology, providing extraordinary features including a double conversion efficiency of up to 97% plus intelligent paralleling to optimize efficiency at partial load, thus achieving superior running cost savings as well as reduced TCO and CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, its higher power density in a minimum footprint optimizes the availability of IT space and reduces related costs. Liebert 80-eXL, available from 160 to 500 kW, can be also fully adapted to meet diverse system requirements in terms of power capacity and redundancy allowing for different system designs, thus ensuring maximum flexibility.

Liebert 80-eXL from 160 to 500 kW Information
  • Extraordinary double conversion efficiency up to 97%
  • Intelligent ECO mode efficiency above 99%
  • Intelligent paralleling feature optimizes efficiency at partial load
  • Maximized active power at unity power factor
  • Compact footprint for optimum space utilization
  • Backward compatibility with previous 80-NET generation


Key Features

  • Transformer-free design
  • Full IGBT three-level NPC2 topology
  • Excellent input performances:
    - PF > 0.99
    - THDi < 3%
  •  Automatic output power upgrade of up to +10%
  • Output PF diagram symmetrical respect to zero
  • Three and four wire electrical compatibility
  • Centralized and distributed parallel capabilities
  • Seismic compliance
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